I am honored and privileged to be the new President of the Board of Trustees.  I thought it would be apropos to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My husband, Jim, and I became members of UUCS in April 2010.  We are both transplants to Arizona from the mid-west, Iowa for me and Ohio for him.  Jim and I have two boys, Jason, 15, and Brayden, 11.  I have been a practicing attorney for 22 years with the last 3 years serving as a Deputy County Attorney assigned to the jail court. 

Neither Jim nor I were raised in any religious persuasion.  After our first son was born, I went in search of a community for spiritual growth and support.  I was looking for a place of non-judgment and progressive values.  And we found UUCS!  And UUCS has become our spiritual home.  I have developed deep and lasting friendships here and have expanded my spiritual understanding.  I first became active at UUCS as the vice chair and then chair of the Hospitality team (then called Social Activities).  I was also a member of the Nominating Committee for a few years.  The last 4 years I have been the Board Vice President.  Volunteering with a committee or attending a circle supper or Questers class are great ways to meet more folks and feel more connected to UUCS. 

I am so looking forward to the coming two years and working together to live more fully into our UU values and expand our presence in the community.  My focus this year is being fearless; leading the congregation towards decisions that move us closer to our values without letting the fear of change paralyze us.  Remember we have monthly board meetings, and you are always welcome to attend.  And you can now reach me via email at UUPresident24@gmail.com

So let’s begin!

Brooke Gaunt