17540 N. Avenue of the Arts
Surprise, AZ 85378
(623) 875-2550

Our congregation is full of people, young and old, just like you, who started out looking for a religious spiritual home that fits in with the realities of modern life.

If you grew up with traditional Christian services, our services will be familiar but refreshing. The order of service typically includes announcements, a story for all ages (a short message for the children), periods of reflection, time for members to share joys and sorrows, a reading, a sermon and a few hymns. Our choir provides special music 3 Sundays per month except for June, July and August. Our hymns will also be familiar to you, as many great hymns from the Christian tradition are a part of our hymnal. Instrumentation is minimal, but beautiful, including a grand piano, an electric piano and percussion instruments. The readings include inspirational and thought provoking words from a variety of secular and religious sources. And the topics of Sermons from Reverend Terry Sims are sometimes seasonal, often personal, and occasionally cover current events.

Our services are held on Sunday mornings at 10:30am. We occasionally have special music concerts (that will be identified on the calendar) prior to the service that start at 10am. Services usually last about an hour, but sometimes run longer. After service we usually have coffee and snacks at the social hour.

Visitors are welcome at any time of the year. Please join us!


Invitation to People Considering Membership

Membership is open to any person in sympathy with the principles and purposes of this church, as evidenced by their signing of the Membership Book in the presence of the minister or a church officer. Anyone considering membership is encouraged to speak with the minister or make an appointment for discussion and questions about the Unitarian Universalist Church and Unitarian Universalism.

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Our UU congregations are self-sustaining institutions whose primary source of financial support comes from contributions. In order to budget wisely, we conduct a yearly pledge drive to determine the amount of potential funds with which we can support our church, our UU Association, and our community at large. We encourage members and friends to pledge consciously and responsibly to help us maintain our tradition of generous giving and charitable service.