June Blog

One lesson of the Hebrew scriptures is that prophets, those who see the future and tell others about it, are generally not welcome.  For one thing, that is because their message is almost never good news.  For another, they insist on pointing out what the people they are prophesying to are doing wrong that will result in the dire consequences.  No one likes a nag. Let’s take Jeremiah as an example, “the weeping prophet”.   His message was that God would destroy Judah, allowing the Babylonian Empire to defeat Jerusalem, as it eventually did, sending the Judeans into exile in Babylon.  The reason for their nation’s destruction, Jeremiah said, was that God was judging the people of Judah for...

Terry Sims


May – June Blog

As some of our members know, we have been having problems the past few months with homeless people using and actually living on our church property.  This causes problems for our staff who have to clean up the messes they leave behind.  This also creates a conundrum for us as a welcoming congregation.  Our church does not have the facilities or staff to house these people for even one night.  There is, unfortunately, no homeless shelter in either Surprise or in the Northwest Valley.  The closest shelter in is downtown Phoenix.  The Salvation Army facility next to us is primarily an administrative unit and does not have the ability to help these people.  Our Board has been discussing this...

Pat Lindgren