July/August Blog

I recently saw a group photograph of a number of young schoolchildren somewhere in the United States.   What I noticed particularly was their diversity.  There were Asian-American kids, Native American kids, African-American kids, Latin American kids, Caucasian American kids.  All American kids.  I had no way of knowing from the photo, of course, any differences beyond the obvious ones of skin color, facial structure, and hair.  But I imagined that there were poor kids and rich kids and middle-class kids.  Healthy kids and chronically sick kids.  Kids who would later become gay, or straight, or bisexual, or transgender, and those who would reject sexual labels.  Kids raised in Muslim...

Terry Sims


July/August Blog

You may have noticed that I have not been in church as often as usual lately.  I was down for a month with pneumonia.  I am over that now and am working on regaining my strength and stamina.  I learned a lesson in this, don’t complain to someone until you hear what they are going thru.  I talked to my favorite cousin and told her about the pneumonia and she told me hat she has been diagnosed with lung cancer that has spread to her liver.  I will be sure to talk to her more often in the next several months while she is undergoing immunotherapy. We are now in our slow period of the year when many of our friends are away in cooler climes. While we miss them, we must work hard to carryon (just...

Pat Lindgren