The question that is troubling me most right now is how long will we tolerate gross inequality in our societies?  Of course, the killings of African-Americans George Floyd and Breonna Taylor by white police officers, and Ahmaud Arbery by two white residents, brought the stark inequality of structural racism to our focused attention again, nationally and internationally.  White supremacy and anti-blackness are perhaps the most recent, clearest, most egregious example of inequality, grounded as they are in ancient, absurd notions about race.  But there are also inequalities of power, civil rights, and opportunity that are distributed very unevenly according to wealth, income, gender, sexual...

Terry Sims



Summer is upon us, and because of Corvid -19, members, who normally leave for cooler locations, are remaining here.  While some Churches and Religious groups have chosen to return to in-person Services, we have chosen to remain cautious and will reevaluate our situation in the Fall.  I believe this is the best approach given the current circumstances and the surge in  State Corvid numbers.  This means – of course –  we will continue to connect virtually for most of our activities, including Worship Services. In times like these, I am reminded of the 7th principle – “Respect for the interdependent web of existence of which we are all a part” and recognize how dependent we are on each...

Sherry Robinson