I write this about a week after visiting Prague in the Czech Republic for the first time.  One of the first places we visited was the Old Town Square in Prague, in which this memorial to Jan Hus serves as the centerpiece. As Rick Steves writes in his well-researched travel book on Prague and the Czech Republic, “Jan Hus (c. 1369-1415) lived and preached more than a century before Martin Luther (1483-1546), but they had many things in common.  Both were college professors as well as priests.  Both drew huge public crowds as they preached in their university chapels.  Both condemned Church corruption, promoted local religious autonomy, and advocated for letting the common people participate...

Terry Sims



Ever wonder what the President of the church does?  Well, I was asked by the Nominating Committee to write a job description and I thought you would like to see it.  I have been the President for three and a half years now and will be giving up my position in four more months, so we will be looking for a new President.  Are you interested? General Description The President works with the Minister, the Board of Trustees and the chairs and members of the various committees to ensure that the church is a welcoming, inclusive, financially stable, organization that provides a liberal religious home in the West Valley.  The President serves for a term of two years and a maximum of two terms....

Pat Lindgren