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Great Decisions 2020

FEB 3 – MAR 24, 2020

Monday or Tuesday

7:00 pm


Bonnie Saunders, PhD. will facilitate an adult education course on U.S. Foreign Policy. Topics include: Climate Change, India & Pakistan, Red Sea Security, Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, Relations in the Northern Triangle, China’s Road into Latin America, The Philippines and US, and Artificial Intelligence and Data. Briefing book available in January costs $20. Sign up in the church Social Hall.




Children’s Religious Education Our children’s RE program is volunteer-driven and because we insist upon two sets of adult eyes in each classroom, we have on-going opportunities to serve. Being a classroom assistant requires no prep time. They assist with classroom activities, stories, and participating in discussion. Our teachers receive excellent, easy to use lesson plans that are well received by the students. Volunteering one or two Sundays would be of great benefit to our children. Contact Lisa Lawrence at if you can help in any capacity.



We continue to need volunteers to set up for the social hour after Sunday service. Team 1; Prep will put out the adult and kid’s treats. Set up coffee and tea services. Team 2; coffee will make the coffee and clean the pots. Team 3; Load DW, wipe down tables, put up left over treats. You can volunteer for more than one team. Please contact the church office if you are willing and able.



Important Message – The Caring Circles are up and running

Members and Friends, I hope you are all staying safe and have what you need to get through the crises we are now facing. It is obvious to say  that we find ourselves at a unique moment in the life of our congregation. The restrictions put upon us by the Covid-19 mean  we cannot be together for a while and  we must find other means of communicating and connecting. After some discussion and researching other congregations, we have a found a way to do this through Caring Circles. We have 27 Caring Circles – each with a Leader – to provide support in small groups, with frequent updates and connections.

Everyone listed in our 2020 Directory has been assigned to a Caring Circle. This means you are all now clustered in small groups, and hopefully you will be contacted by your Circle Leader soon. If you do not hear from anyone, it may be because you are not listed in the directory. If that is the case please contact me at

You may or may not know the person contacting you; however, be assured they are calling only to make sure you are connected and not in need.

You and your Circle leader can determine the best and most efficient method for connecting – whether it be by text, phone, facebook , or email.

We recognize you may form your own networks as well, which is great. If you do not want to be a part of the Circle connection, please let your circle Leader know.

These groups may turn out to be the primary means for relaying urgent needs, vital information and congregation-wide connection. And who knows you may end up with a whole new group of friends. Let’s give this a try and make sure we, as a community, stay connected throughout this emergency. Thank you for your ongoing support and friendship.

In Faith, Friendship and Good Health, Sherry Robinson 360-908-2951(Text and Cell)

Updated – Information on contributing to our congregation – Thank you to everyone who was able to donate via mail or Zelle!  For anyone interested in ACH/Direct Debit, the form that was missed last week is now available here.

As a reminder, here is how you send in your donations.

1.      Via Mail
Checks can be mailed to our Church Administrator, Kathryn Pabich, Unitarian Universalist Church, 17540 N. Avenue of the Arts, Surprise, AZ 85378.  I will be picking up and depositing these checks each Saturday.

2.      Via ACH/Direct Debit
You can authorize a regular automatic, monthly deduction from your checking account via the attached form. Please mail this form to Kathryn at the above address or if you have access to a scanner you can send it to the Treasurer email address:

3.      Via Zelle
I’m pleased to announce that we have signed up for Chase QuickPay® with Zelle® and can now receive donations at the Treasurer email address:
The only restriction is that to send money to a small business, you must be enrolled with Zelle directly through your financial institution, or enrolled in the Zelle app with a deposit (checking) account. Small businesses are not able to enroll in the Zelle app with a debit card, and cannot receive payments from consumers enrolled in the Zelle app using a debit card.  You can go to to view participating banks.

Helpful Information – Avoid the stampede of hoarders and use the internet to fulfill your grocery needs! While everybody is running around hunting for toilet paper, there is a way to make our lives easier. Instead of shopping in stores, use the internet to order PICK UP or DELIVER groceries.

Walmart has three venues close to us: Walmart at Grand Avenue & Bell, Prasada at Cotton Lane and Greenway, and the third on Thunderbird and Waddell.  The one on Thunderbird has less pick up traffic and the produce is great

Fry’s Also has PICK UP and DELIVERY.  But their Customer Service is spotty.

The purchasing process is as follows:

1.  Set up an account (If you don’t have one)


3.  Enter a time you wish to Pick Up (ex. 1:00 pm)

     Enter which store you would like to use.

4.  Chose which store you want to use.

5.  Start shopping

6.  When done, CHECKOUT.



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