Creative Advance

Rev. Samuel Schaal, Transition Minister | November 21, 2021

As we welcome new members, we consider the creative advance of our future, both individually and as a congregation.

Life, Death and Immortality

Rev. Samuel Schaal, Transition Minister | November 7, 2021

All Souls / Day of the Dead
What in one’s life is immortal? We will honor the lives of church members who died in the last year-plus.

Where am I?

Juliet Gustavson, Guest Leader | October 31, 2021

Knowing where we are isn’t as obvious as it sounds…most of the time.

Held by Grace

Rev. Samuel Schaal | October 24, 2021

Encountering the great Other is the ultimate relationship. What (Who) holds us?

Reaching Out

Rev. Samuel Schaal | October 17, 2021

How do we cultivate relationship with those outside the congregation? How do we welcome the stranger?

Freely Bound

Rev. Samuel Schaal | October 10, 2021

What holds us together in relationship in the congregation?

Cultivating Your Soul

Rev. Samuel Schaal | October 3, 2021

Healthy relationship with others begins in the self.

Beyond Fear

Rebecca Riggs, Guest Speaker| September 26, 2021

The author Stephen King has written that fear is the emotion that makes us insensible to anything other than the continued beating of our own hearts and essentially blinds us to others. Today we’ll explore other possibilities for our response to the fears and violence of our times. 

Turning Toward Forgiveness

Rev. Samuel Schaal | September 19, 2021

At this beginning of Yom Kippur, we consider the work of forgiveness. How might forgiveness free us? Is forgiveness a part of our work for justice?

At Home in the Wilderness

Rev. Samuel Schaal | September 12, 2021

The journey of transitional ministry is like a sojourn across a desert—full of challenge, full of possibility. How might our journey of mutual ministry bring forth abundancy amid the appearance of lack?

Why Be Unitarian Universalist?

Rev. Samuel Schaal | September 5, 2021

In all the ways to be religious, why be Unitarian Universalist?

Elemental Spirituality

Amy St. Peter, Guest Speaker | August 29, 2021

Explore the facets of faith through the critical elements of air, earth, fire and water.

Why Pray?

Rev. Samuel Schaal | August 22, 2021

Is prayer ordering the Sacred to do our bidding? Does prayer work? What is prayer?

Why Worship?

Rev. Samuel Schaal | August 15, 2021

When we gather weekly for worship services, who/what are we worshipping? Why do we gather?

Why Be Religious?

Rev. Samuel Schaal | August 8, 2021

In our increasingly scientific world, why be religious?

Endings and Beginnings

Rev. Samuel Schaal & Sherry Robinson, President | August 1, 2021

I Doubt It!

Juliet Gustavson, Guest Speaker | July 25, 2021

Doubt and faith….Is doubt the dead end for faith or its fertilizer? It all depends on what we do with it on our journeys.

Life in the Age of Algorithms

Emrys Staton, Guest Speaker | July 18, 2021

Whether you are an avid user of social media or not, the algorithms that run behind the scenes of these influential platforms impact our consumer behavior, our worldview, our politics, our ethics, even our friendships and families. Join Emrys for an exploration of the influence of algorithms in our lives.

Side with Love

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations | July 11, 2021

What if to “side with love” meant making bold, faith-full choices? What if it were even a little bit scary? This worship service brings together worship leaders and musicians from across the country to offer hopeful, moving, challenging reminders about what we, as Unitarian Universalists, are called to do, and BE, in the world.

Sometimes Revisionist History Makes Sense

Barbara Face, Guest Speaker | July 4, 2021

The times are changing and folx [sic] in the majority culture are on task to make room. Here’s the rub: it may feel scary, it may feel unfair, you may feel defensive. Some will claim this new history is revisionist and therefore invalid because it may be different from what was taught in school. Our UU faith can help us make room for the revisionist history (new history) we may be confronted with. Join Barbara Face, Valley Unitarian Universalist Worship Associate, for thoughts on revisionist h istory and how to make room for the messiness of the coming new world.

“What’s Love Got to Do with It?”

Juliet Gustavson, Guest Speaker | June 20, 2021

What’s love got to do with it? When it comes to our daily bread…EVERYTHING.

A Special Sermon on The Golden Rule

Stephanie Tudel & Rebecca Riggs, Guest Speakers | June 13, 2021

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. In a world looking for spiritual guidance and encouragement, “The Golden Rule”, as it is commonly called, is a simple expression of a complex idea that has woven itself into the moral edicts of most religions and continues to bring unique promise and hope to the world. This will be an exploration of how our UU Principles and Purposes express this concept.

Springing Into Change: Dream

UUJAZ | June 6, 2021

Spring has come to Arizona, bringing with it signs of a new life. Will we emerge from our COVID winter to a changed world, or will we go back to our old ways? How do we prepare to make real the world we’ve dreamed about? Hear directly from a few of UUJAZ’s partners in the Latinx community, and how they describe their dreams for the future.

After Being Broken

Rebecca Riggs, Guest Speaker | May 30, 2021

On this Memorial Day weekend, we set aside time to honor those who have died in wars. My message is not directly related to this holiday, but losing those we love, to wars or anything else, inevitably brings heartache. And heartache and heartbreak is my theme this morning. How do we learn to heal in a world that often discards that which is broken?

We Might Have Missed it All

Rev. Terry Sims | May 23, 2021

This will be my last sermon to you, a fact that I accept with a good deal of sadness. As singer/songwriter Jackson Browne wrote, “all good things must come to an end”. Those good things include ministry and life itself. When they end, it seems natural to look back and ask the existential question: “What was it all for?” I think our 15 years together have given me at least a few, uplifting answers to that question that I would like to share as I leave you.