Ever wonder what the President of the church does?  Well, I was asked by the Nominating Committee to write a job description and I thought you would like to see it.  I have been the President for three and a half years now and will be giving up my position in four more months, so we will be looking for a new President.  Are you interested?

General Description

The President works with the Minister, the Board of Trustees and the chairs and members of the various committees to ensure that the church is a welcoming, inclusive, financially stable, organization that provides a liberal religious home in the West Valley.  The President serves for a term of two years and a maximum of two terms.

Board Meetings

Ten times a year the President presides over the meetings of the Board of Trustees.  These meeting take place the first or second Sunday of the month from September thru June.  The president with help from the Minister and Vice President prepares a meeting agenda, sends that to the other Board members for corrections or additions.  After making any necessary changes, the agenda is sent to the Church Administrator along with a cop of the minutes of the last meeting from the Secretary to be distributed to the congregation by blast email.  (see attached example of a board agenda)

The President calls the meeting to order, follows the agenda, uses general parliamentary procedure to guide the discussions, and calls for voting on items that come before the group.

Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG) Meetings

Three times a month from September thru June, the President meets with the Minister, the Vice President and other invited members as part of the MAG.  These meetings take place once a week except the week of the board meetings.  The purpose of these meeting is to work with the Minister on problems, changes and plans that the Minister has for the church.  These meeting are informal and no minutes are kept.  This is often when the agenda for the next board meeting are formulated.

Annual Meeting

The President presides over the annual meeting of the entire congregation that takes place in early January.  The purpose of this meeting is to elect officers and trustees of the board, to discuss and vote on bylaw changes and to approve the annual budget for the church.  The President and board prepare the agenda for the meeting, approve a preliminary budget and accept nominations from the Nominating committee for new officers and trustees.

All the board members serve for terms of two years with the President and Treasurer begin elected and one or two trustees elected one year and the Vice President, Secretary and one of two trustees elected the alternate year.

The President, the Minister make their report to the congregation.

The President and Minister select a congregational member to be recognized for special and extraordinary contributions during the past year before the meeting, the president orders and presents a plaque to this person.

The President announces the nominations for the new board members, calls of nominations from the floor, then calls for the votes.

The President calls on the Finance Director and the Treasurer to present the budget and when all discussion of the budget is done, the President calls for the vote.


The President writes a column for the church newsletter each month from September thru July, may write a report to the board for the board meetings, and usually writes an article for the website at the beginning of each term.