Normally a message at this time of year would be to welcome our Minister back, our returning members from their summer adventures and to celebrate the beginning of a new Church Year. It is, indeed, the beginning of a New Church Year, but one that is very different than any of us had imagined. I thought we would be celebrating a return to our beloved sanctuary and to the activities we all enjoy. I imagined we would be preparing special events to honor the Service of our retiring minister, Terry Sims, and beginning the process of separating and transitioning.  – all in person.   I am deeply sorry that the beginning of this Church Year will not be as we expected.

There will be activities and Services and opportunities for connectedness but they will be done differently. We will continue to see Terry, as well as each other, and to attend Church Services and activities electronically. We will continue the Caring Circles, as well as the Women’s Group, the Men’s Group and the BUUK Group among other activities.  I  will continue to send out my Reports from the Board .  Some of our members are even now planning new activities to connect  lives and fill calendars until it is safe to do these things together.

This experience, we thought might last three months, has now gone for 6  and may extend to 9.  We have all been impacted, some more than others. And none of us are sure when it will end.

 But while we wait –

The Board has begun work on planning a safe return for our members and friends to the building and our community. This will be difficult and will require your assistance and support, however, I know you are all up to it. We are creating a “roadmap” that will provide a path for our return to the Sanctuary and the Social Hall.   We will be asking for your input on how to do this in a way that will make you feel comfortable and safe. And once we have the roadmap to safely return, we will ask that we all abide by the guidelines we have established. We want our community involved in planning for a return to in-person activities and we  want them safe when we do return.

I personally want to thank all of you who have donated so generously to our community. The fact that you are thinking of others during this difficult time speaks volumes.  Let’s continue to support each other as we are doing, so we will come out a stronger and more  unified community.  Blessed Be