Before we delve into other topics of importance, I want to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for the support and assistance I have received from the members of this congregation during this last unforgettable year.  I am sure we will have reasons for remembering 2020 – none of them particularly good. I cannot say we made it through unscathed. We lost friends, family, and fellow members; however, we have managed to stay connected and we are still together as was evidenced by the number of members who attended our virtual Annual Meeting.

The first two weeks of the year have already brought shock, anger, and frustration. I was shaken to the core by the scenes we saw televised from our Capitol and the warnings we are receiving about additional mob violence during the inauguration of our 46th President. This is not okay, and yet I remain hopeful and optimistic for 2021.   

I am inspired by the way we have grown and reached out to each other in many ways. We have not retreated in the face of anger and intolerance. Our UU Values remain strong, and we have demonstrated resiliency and courage. We had a successful Annual Meeting via Zoom, and it was delightful to watch everyone’s pleasure at seeing their fellow UU members and friends. On Sunday January 10th, we broadcast our first Livestreamed Service, and if it was not perfect, it was remarkably close – thanks to everyone involved.

UUCS has a busy year ahead and hopefully, we will be able to gather in our space soon to celebrate Terry’s tenure and to send him properly on the way to retirement. We will also be looking at the next step in our own new chapter; planning as a congregation to fi nd our next Settled Minister; and perhaps, even create a new vision and mission for our Congregation.

In reports for the annual meeting, we identified several accomplishments for this year and listed some of the tasks we have before us. We are going to continue to need your help as we transition forward to a new interim minister, and I will do my best to stay connected once a month to keep you all in the know.  I remind you our MEETINGS will be HELD ON THE FIRST SUNDAY of each month, and the agendas are posted on the Web the Tuesday before the meeting. If you are interested in attending – please contact me so I can provide you with the information link to join.