Happy New Year – to you all.

We have just been through a year like none we have ever known.  The pandemic, the racial tension, the protests and violence and the chaotic election cycle have all led to the disruption of our lives, creating new challenges, and even questioning our long-held beliefs.  People have died, 300,000, millions have lost their jobs, others have seen their savings disappear and we have all seen families and friends’ lives  pulled apart by social isolation and loneliness.

Still as in the past, we have demonstrated remarkable resilience in adapting to the circumstances around us. We have learned to use technology to make our lives easier, to stay connected and to reduce the isolation that happens when personal contact is not possible. We have been given time to focus on ourselves and to think about what’s important in our lives and what we want to do when we return to some sense of normalcy.  What we have witnessed across our country in racial and social tensions force us to reflect on what kind of country we want and to work harder for Social Justice.

2020 has ended!   It is now time to look forward to that time when our lives return to routine.  We have a vaccine promising to prevent further sickness and death; we have a new administration moving into the White House bringing trust and integrity to the country  and we have lessons learned from this  past year that will help us more fully appreciate what awaits us in  our new normal.

UUCS has accomplished much during this period; we have gone about our work and kept our community connected; we have revitalized our Bylaws from which we govern; we have maintained the physical assets of the Church keeping it ready for our return.   We have installed security cameras to maintain safety and we have upgraded our technology – our phones, and our Audio/Visual system to live stream and record our services, classes, meetings, and even social gatherings.  Most importantly our members have continued to support our work with generous financial support.

None of us expected this year to go as it did – and many plans were altered; however, we are well situated to meet the new year head on – no matter what it has in store for us.  I did not expect to spend my first year as President doing our work virtually; however, from this experience I have gotten to know much about this congregation. We still have work to do – But knowing now what I do about you, the members of this Church, I look forward with enthusiasm to doing this work with you.

Blessings for a Peaceful  New Year