It is day 30 of Social Distancing and we are going to get through this. I have been outside the community where I live twice and so far nothing, yet everything, has changed. We have learned to communicate in different ways; text, phone, zoom and email; to buy groceries, order meals and purchase supplies online. We are told often to wash our hands and to wear gloves and masks when we go among others.   We ‘ve discovered that toilet paper is a luxury, hand sanitizer is the new hand lotion and the people still working for us are mostly those who make little more than minimum wage.  Maybe the most difficult, we have had to accept that we (UU’s) can’t be together right now.

I miss interacting with friends and members; however, I do feel blessed – I am healthy, live in a warm climate, have food, shelter and a partner to annoy as well as amuse me. I know this “being socially distant” will end for me  But when asked “Are you okay?”,  I  think about what it must be like for those who live in these exact conditions all the time; I hope, as a result of our experience, we will remember that others, although not by choice, will be continuing  to live as we are now.

Terry, Kathryn, Deb and Lisa have continued to be care takers of our faith – providing services in creative ways: Terry, by providing online worship services each week; Deb, by planning musical programs for services now and into the summer; Lisa, by supporting the RE connection with families and children; and Kathryn, by keeping the church operational. and at the same time making numerous calls to check on members.  Your Board even braved the ‘Zoom experience’ to hold their April meeting online to do Church Business.

In addition, Terry has begun a weekly update letter, we have created Caring Circles and for weekly announcements, we have begun asking members to share their Social Distancing experiences – all to maintain connections.

To  provide these services, we need to have a balanced cash flow. Currently we are behind in pledging units and without Sunday collections, our income is below where we expected to be at this time.  If you have not submitted your Pledge yet, we ask that you do so soon, so that we will have a better idea of our financial status when this is over.   Perhaps by the new newsletter, it will be –  closer to being over.