You may have noticed that I have not been in church as often as usual lately.  I was down for a month with pneumonia.  I am over that now and am working on regaining my strength and stamina.  I learned a lesson in this, don’t complain to someone until you hear what they are going thru.  I talked to my favorite cousin and told her about the pneumonia and she told me hat she has been diagnosed with lung cancer that has spread to her liver.  I will be sure to talk to her more often in the next several months while she is undergoing immunotherapy.

We are now in our slow period of the year when many of our friends are away in cooler climes. While we miss them, we must work hard to carryon (just not do that hard work outside where the temperature is 100+).

I read a wonderfully written article about the Unitarian Universalist church in the HuffPost website.  The title is “I’m A Feminist Theologian And A Mom. I Don’t Know What To Do About Church For My Kid.” by Rachel Meyer.  Here is some of what she wrote:

“Here’s the thing: I don’t believe in original sin, or the pathological shame and guilt that comes with it. I don’t believe in hell, or that bodily desire gets us there. I don’t believe that God is gendered, or in the kind of sexist and homophobic theology that shuts out LGBTQIA+ folks. I don’t believe in substitutionary atonement or white supremacy. I don’t believe that nationalism should have anything to do with religion. And I definitely don’t believe in the kind of white evangelicalism that elected Donald Trump. …BUT — and it’s a big but — I still want my kid to grow up with an appreciation for high-church liturgy, for the holy space of grace that is a cathedral. I want him to know the selfless service of church ladies setting out homemade casseroles and Jell-O salads in the fellowship hall after baptisms and funerals. I want him to learn that Jesus — like Buddha and Muhammad — was a radical prophet who taught us how to live gently, wholeheartedly, out of love above all else, and to let that understanding cultivate a passion for social justice.”

Here is a link to the full article:

I think you will enjoy reading the entire article