Summer is upon us, and because of Corvid -19, members, who normally leave for cooler locations, are remaining here.  While some Churches and Religious groups have chosen to return to in-person Services, we have chosen to remain cautious and will reevaluate our situation in the Fall.  I believe this is the best approach given the current circumstances and the surge in  State Corvid numbers.  This means – of course –  we will continue to connect virtually for most of our activities, including Worship Services.

In times like these, I am reminded of the 7th principle – “Respect for the interdependent web of existence of which we are all a part” and recognize how dependent we are on each other.  We are social creatures; it is natural for us to want to be with others.  At the same time, we have a moral responsibility to ourselves, our families and the members of our communities to err on the side of caution and follow the guidance of health care professionals.  We are doing just that and while we are unable to enjoy each other’s presence, we will remain connected.  These connections remind us, we are not alone.

In this very short time – the life of our Congregation has been altered significantly.  We have had to make hard decisions around gathering and to understand we are all in this together.  Unfortunately, this virus came as we were starting our Generous Giving Campaign and we were unable to complete the program.  We do not have accurate pledge information from many of our members, making it difficult to plan for the next 6 months.   This does not mean you are not giving; it means we do not have a record for the total amount of your gift.

We are grateful you have continued to support our community, and we know some have been more impacted than others. Some members returned their Pledge cards; some, who usually do, are still giving but returned no card; and some give faithfully and never return the card.. Without these cards we have no firm knowledge of total contributions.

This is an urgent plea – If you have not filled out a pledge card, even if you give on a regular basis, please do so soon. With contributions identified, it will be easier to  budget for the remainder of this year to provide needed services to our members.

Please don’t think of this as an obligation, but as a promise to support what we hold dear.  Stay in, Stay well and Stay Connected…