On November 16th, I became a grandaunt for the first time.  I have three married siblings, but they were late (if ever) at having children and their children were late (if ever) having children.  Her name is Elizabeth Jean Martin and she is the first grandbaby in my immediate family.

There are so many things that I want for her in the future.  I want her to grow up to have a future.  I want her to have clean air, clean water, food, and warmth.  I want her to be healthy.  I want her to get a good education without going into lifelong debt.  I want her to have peace in this world and justice for all.  I want her to be safe in school, at concerts, in church, and in the mall.  I want her to love books, travel, adventures, the oceans, the mountains, the deserts and pets (she has a cat already).  Most of all I want her to have love and joy in her life.

I think this is what every parent, aunt, uncle and grands want for their little ones.  But these things are not easy to get.  It is up to us, the adults in the world to work for these things, not just for our own children but for all children.  At this time of year we pay special attention to these things but let us not forget them in February or June or any other time of year.

I read a very long article in the Newsweek magazine for November 9 that discussed Racism in America.  It was about the activities of Bryan Stevenson to educate people about racism and its impact on American life.  Mr. Stevenson is an attorney who gave the Ware lecture at the General Assembly in New Orleans.  He was the most moving and inspiring speaker I have ever heard.  I encourage you to read the article online, just Google Newsweek Racism, November.

By the time you read this, most year-end holidays (Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, etc.) will be behind us and we will be starting a new year.  We have our annual meeting coming up on Friday, January 11th.  We will be voting to elect some new officers and to approve the budget for 2019.  This is a wonderful example of democracy in our church and very unusual for most churches.  This is living our 5th principle – The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.  I hope you will all attend and bring your children.

I hope you all had a wonderful, family filled and loving holiday.