Amy Sun wrote an insightful blog article in 2014 entitled “Equality Is Not Enough: What the Classroom Has Taught Me About Justice”.  There she said: “[H]ere’s the thing: Treating everyone exactly the same actually is not fair.  What equal treatment does . . . is erase our differences and promote privilege.  Equity and equality are two strategies we can use in an effort to produce fairness.  Equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful.  Equality is treating everyone the same.  Equality aims to promote fairness, but it can only work if everyone starts from the same place and needs the same help.  Equity appears unfair, but it actively moves everyone closer to success by...

Terry Sims



If you were not in church June 17th, you missed an excellent sermon from our own Rev Cathy Mannino.  She taught us about “mendacity”.  On June 10th, Amy St. Peter gave an exciting sermon as well.  Both sermons are available on our website for you to listen to and show us different aspects of how to be a beloved community.  We are very lucky to have so many members with the talent to write and deliver such good talks during the summer break for Terry.  I know it is hard to get out on these very hot Sundays in July and August, but if you make the effort you will be well rewarded. This year I am not attending the General Assembly, so I will have a chance to view the streaming version with all...

Pat Lindgren