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Sometime last Spring, I was playing doubles tennis at David Stoll’s house with him and two other lawyers I formerly practiced with.  After I got home from our match, I realized that I had left my sunglasses at Dave’s house.  So I texted Dave and asked him if he could bring my sunglasses to the firm so that I could pick them up.  Dave said “Sure.”  The next day, I stopped into the firm and went to the office they still kindly keep for me to use.  On the desk were a pair of sunglasses, but they were in a nice case.  I told Dave that maybe he’d grabbed the wrong sunglasses because mine weren’t in a case.  Dave said, “Oh no, their yours.  Sorry to confuse you.  I had an extra case so I’m...

Terry Sims


May Blog

As some of our members know, we have been having problems the past few months with homeless people using and actually living on our church property.  This causes problems for our staff who have to clean up the messes they leave behind.  This also creates a conundrum for us as a welcoming congregation.  Our church does not have the facilities or staff to house these people for even one night.  There is, unfortunately, no homeless shelter in either Surprise or in the Northwest Valley.  The closest shelter in is downtown Phoenix.  The Salvation Army facility next to us is primarily an administrative unit and does not have the ability to help these people.  Our Board has been discussing this...

Pat Lindgren