November Blog

Just as people continue to grow, so do trees.  As I write this, I am looking out my bedroom window to the huge ficus tree in my back yard.  I had it planted there when I moved into my house in December, 1990, almost 28 years ago.  It was planted too close to my bedroom and too close to the side wall that separates my yard from my neighbor, Mary Lou’s, yard.  But in the first few years, I was able to keep it reasonably small by having it trimmed regularly. But then it got out of hand.  I have known for years that the ficus is too big for that spot.  Initially, it provided welcome shade from the early morning sunlight into my bedroom before the sun climbed on its daily journey above my roof...

Terry Sims


November Blog

If you missed church on Sunday, October 7, you missed a very moving sermon by Reverend Terry.  Luckily you can still listen to it on our website.  In your browser go to  At the top of the page are several choices, click on Sermons.  Find the sermon you want to hear and click on the little white arrow on the left.  Sometimes it takes a day or more for new sermons to be uploaded to the website, so if the one you want is not there check back later.  While you are there checkout the many features of our website.  It is kept up to date by Cathy Mannino.  It is a major way that we attract guests and new members. The next big event we have coming up as I write this is...

Pat Lindgren