December Blog

On November 6, “[v]oters in Colorado[,] Missouri and Michigan overwhelmingly approved ballot measures calling for nonpartisan redistricting. These measures seek to end the practice of gerrymandering or at least limit it.”  [“Voters In 3 States Pass Non-Partisan Redistricting Measures”, National Public Radio, Morning Edition, 11/7/2018,]  Gerrymandering is, of course, the practice of “manipulating the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.” Steve Inskeep interviewed “Dave Daley, who is a senior fellow at FairVote, which advocates for nonpartisan redistricting. ...

Terry Sims


December Blog

One of my favorite stories from the bible is “The Good Samaritan”.  A man is robbed, beaten and left on the side of the road.  All the good citizens pass by and ignore him.  Then a Samaritan comes to his aid, takes him to safety, pays for his care: all at great expense and inconvenience to himself. The problem with the story today is that the true meaning is lost in the non-translation of the most important word, the word Samaritan.  If you asked any hundred Americans to take a word association test and gave them the word Samaritan, more than ninety of them would come back with the word good.  But to the largely Jewish audience listening to Jesus when he told the story, a Samaritan was...

Pat Lindgren