January Blog

I saw a beautiful photo recently of our spectacular Grand Canyon. The photo reminded me of the hike my dad, several other members of our family, and I took many years ago to the Havasupai Falls, which leads to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. I think Dad was 70 when we made that trip.  Seventy is now the next stop on my life journey, if we count by tens as my great-niece Keira and great-nephew Rory have learned to do.  The hike is more than 10 miles each way, with a vertical drop into the canyon of 2,400 feet, almost half a mile.  (That feels longer than it sounds!)  It was a challenge for all of us.  But it was so good to spend that time together. That adventure is one of my...

Terry Sims


January Blog

On November 16th, I became a grandaunt for the first time.  I have three married siblings, but they were late (if ever) at having children and their children were late (if ever) having children.  Her name is Elizabeth Jean Martin and she is the first grandbaby in my immediate family. There are so many things that I want for her in the future.  I want her to grow up to have a future.  I want her to have clean air, clean water, food, and warmth.  I want her to be healthy.  I want her to get a good education without going into lifelong debt.  I want her to have peace in this world and justice for all.  I want her to be safe in school, at concerts, in church, and in the mall.  I want her to...

Pat Lindgren